AM Managers for Naturgy

Automatization and Reporting (BI) for Naturgy.

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While working with Basetis I was part of a Service for Naturgy (one of the biggest energy company in Spain). In this service I lead a team that was in charge of automation and costs reduction.

We were able to create a pipeline with Luigi that created some reports with plotly that used to be created by hand using Power Point. We also automated some repetitive tasks using selenium.

Some numbers

17 reports per day

More than 1 million tickets audited

Leading 6 - 10 people


Naturgy Informática, the IT provider for Naturgy, needed to centralize the professional services provided by different providers in a single service called AM Managers.

This service would provide control and support tasks of the IT suppliers.

The main challenges to overcome where:

to offer quality information

to have homogeneous indicators

to establish an efficient management model.


We relied on the ITIL framework to implement the most appropriate solution, which contemplated various aspects.

The service was split in two teams. The first one was in charge of managing, controlling and auditing all providers.

The second team (SMA) was in charge of the Continual Service Improvement (CSI) and its mission was to reduce costs and try to automate the whole service.

SMA Team

At the beginning of the service I was put in charge of the SMA team which started with only 2 people. The idea was to help the other team become more efficient.

After one year it was clear that this team was a key part in the service since it grew to almost 10 people.

SMA Tasks

Before we started the service there were around two people full time doing reports with Power Point. One of the tasks of the SMA team was to automate all those reports.

For the ETL part we created a pipeline using Luigi and for the reports itself a combination of plotly and some raw html. This enabled us to automatically create reports that could be viewed offline in both computers and smartphones. We also used PowerBI for some of those reports.

Another important task of the team was to automate some repetive tasks done through Naturgy corporative tools. To do so we define some workflows with selenium which were also triggered with Luigi.

Luigi pipeline screenshot
am managers luigi

Finally we created a bot that enabled the team to interact with Luigi through Slack.

Slack screenshot
am managers slack


With this service we were able to:

reduce costs (more than 15%)

automate reporting needs

centralize data (CMDB)

use existing API from the client to interact with their systems

automatic control of the SLA for each IT Naturgy provider

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