UX Study

UX Study I did as my Masters Thesis.

UX Android Java


For my Masters Thesis I did a UX Study focusing on how to create an app to manage personal finances. The main objective of the project was how to successfully design and create an Android App that convey a good UX.

I followed Rex Hartson and Pardha S. Pyla's guidelines in order to ensure a quality User Experience.

I also created a working prototype developed with Android Studio including cloud syncronization using SaaS.


I have always enjoyed tracking almost everything I can and my expenses where not an exception. Back in 2014 I was not able to find any Android App that fullfilled my requirements so I decided to create my own. So when the oportunity arised I thought that doing an UX Study while creating and Android app was a really good idea.


In the next images you can see the different pages of the App I designed and created. You can also see how it evolved from wireframes to sketches and then finally how it looked in the prototype.

Dashboard page

expensor dashboard

Group detail page

expensor group

Add transaction page

expensor add expense

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