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Cmder terminal for windows

Cmder terminal for windows

0. Overview

Cmder is a software package created out of pure frustration over the absence of nice console emulators on Windows. It is based on amazing software, and spiced up with the Monokai color scheme and a custom prompt layout, looking sexy from the start.

1. Instalation

You can download from the Domain LogoCmder. I advise you install the version with git.

After downloading it extract the data and copy it to C:\cmder_mini. I suggest you put it directly on c:\ to avoid permission problems.

Then open the .exe file (C:\cmder_mini\Cmder.exe) to start using it.

You can right click the .exe file and pin it to the task bar.

2. Setting it as the default terminal

Open the cmder settings with WIN + ALT + P. Then go to Integration / Default term and mark Force conEmu as default terminal for console applications.

Cmder default

After that any operation that opens the terminal or the powershell will open cmder.

3. Features

One of the best features is that most linx commands (like ls) work here as well as the windows ones (like dir). So for example, no more problems with cls vs clear both work here!

Another really great feature is that you can open multiple consoles as tabs (like with chrome) with CTRL + T and close it with CTRL + W.

It is also way better visually than the default windows terminal. And it has git integrations so that you will see by default the branch you are working on.


One other cool feature are alias. For example you can write alias jn=jupyter notebook and the write jn to start jupyter notebooks.

As an example some useful alias would be:

alias ll=ls -lahlist files with details and human readable sizes
alias cdp=cd c:/PYTHONgo to the python path
alias jn=cd c:/PYTHON && jupyter notebookgo to the python path and open jupyter notebook
alias jl=cd c:/PYTHON && jupyter labgo to the python path and open jupyter lab
alias rf=python src/index.pyopen a flask app
alias vtasks=cd c:/GIT/vtasks && poetry run python src/master.pygo to vtasks folder and run it with poetry

It has a lot of other nice features, you can read about it in their webpage. You can read about them in the Domain LogoCmder documentation.